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How About a Quick Healthy Snack ?

The perfect solution to this problem is preparing healthy, nutritious and light recipes that can be made in 20 minutes or less, without the help of going to the Supermarket.

Yes, I'm talking about real food at home with real ingredients, ready in 20 minutes.

Like this amazing Meal Prep - Fiesta Chicken Rice Bowl.

Now doesn't that look delicious ?!

It's really not that hard to eat healthy, I swear.

We all think it's so complicated, and that dinner should take a million years to put together with a bunch of different fancy ingredients that take forever to shop for.

Not the case here.

Pull that chicken out of the freezer and fry it up with spices you already have in your spice drawer, and veggies that are already in the fridge (and maybe about to go bad…am I right about that??)

I swear, herbs and spices are my secret weapon for sooooooo many recipes.

I literally make them for my weekly meal prep almost every single week because they are just SO good, and the ability to mix up the ingredients is endless.

The basic formula of these Chicken Rice Bowls is this:

  • Diced, seasoned chicken breasts or thighsBrown rice (you can also sub in brown rice or soba noodles)

  • A variety of veggies (broccoli, mushrooms, scallions, cabbage…anything goes!)

  • Some sort of low-calorie sauce/condiment (salsa is ALWAYS my go-to!)Herbs and spices (umm, hello, cilantro!!!)

All I gotta say is that lunch will never, ever be boring again!



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