Personal Training 

So you're looking for a one to one session or maybe new to the gym and want to learn the correct techniques?


Well, this is the place where we can tailor the whole session for you and your goals !!


  • Strength

  • Power

  • General fitness 

  • Health

  • Nutrition

  • Muscular endurance 

  • Rehabilitation 

  • Weightloss


These are just a few things we can do for you in a one to one session. If you're striving towards a goal or a competition let us help you out and make sure you achieve that goal as we pride ourselves on achieving your goal.

Now all you need to do is book a time and date, make that first step and we shall take the next ones with you, pushing and motivating you along the way to a better and healthier you.



Time to make a change, 

    And make that First Step today 

To make your booking or to ask for more info:


Phone: 96069941

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